Protect Your Phoenix Workplace With Our CCTV Installation Services

With crime a never-ending threat to businesses of all shapes, sizes and descriptions around Phoenix, closed-circuit television (CCTV) installations have become evermore prevalent. CCTV systems and state-of-the-art video surveillance cameras and recorders typically reduce instances of trespassing, safeguard clients and customers, track employee activity, and decrease the potential for thieves planning to steal merchandise. In addition, given that CCTV cameras observe what is happening within the premises around the clock, they can also offer protection from lawsuits if someone tries to claim that an on-site injury is someone else’s legal responsibility.

The first CCTV system was installed in the U.S. more than 60 years ago and, to this day, commercial surveillance systems remain one of the most effective ways of reducing potential crimes, as well as helping to identify those who have carried out a crime that has already happened. One of the most popular uses for CCTV systems is as a crime deterrent that prevents would-be opportunistic thieves from taking goods, especially in theme parks and busy retail stores. In many cases, potential illegal activities are stopped simply because the would-be perpetrator knows that their every move is being watched.

If you are looking for ultra-modern surveillance cameras that can be installed inside your place of business, warehouse, or other commercial location, a CCTV installation gives you the opportunity to monitor activity throughout the premises, no matter the time of day. You will also be able to view suspicious goings-on remotely, which means you are afforded peace of mind even when you are not near the location. CCTV cameras and recorders are also incredibly helpful in crowded areas as they keep an eye on members of the public where crime is rife, as well as monitoring roads and highways where accidents frequently occur.

Thanks to ongoing technological advances, the quality, value, and reliability of CCTV footage increases year after year. As a result, the jumpy, blurry, unrecognizable images of yesteryear have been replaced with crystal-clear, high definition video recordings that can see in the dark and zoom in to examine specific activities and/or persons of interest. In Phoenix, CCTV installation companies like San Tan Communications will help you to determine the best type of cameras for the size of your commercial property, as well as the number of rooms you want to put under surveillance. We install many different video surveillance systems, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Infrared cameras
  • Varifocal cameras
  • Mega-pixel cameras
  • 360 degree cameras
  • Disguised cameras
  • Weatherproof and tamper-resistant domes
  • Wireless security systems
  • Security DVR systems

If your business has recently become the victim of a crime, or you suspect that your location is vulnerable and you need to increase safety, surveillance cameras are a much more cost-effective option than hiring a security team to guard your building. Phoenix business owners choose CCTV installations to monitor a wide catchment area – inside the premises plus the parking lot – and minimize potential in-house inventory-shrinkage. CCTV systems also help to provide valuable evidence in the event that a mugger, pickpocket or shoplifter needs to be taken to court.

For more information about the surveillance products we offer, please contact us online or call 480-655-6119 today for a FREE quote! The knowledgeable security experts at San Tan Communications, LLC would love to help you find the perfect surveillance system for your specific needs.

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