Access Controls Serve As A Valuable Security Feature

Access Controls Serve As A Valuable Security Feature

As a full service provider of computer network cabling and voice, video, and data cabling packages for businesses large and small, San Tan Communications of Phoenix, Arizona would like to take a moment to remind readers about the value and importance of access control cabling. For the uninitiated, access controls do just what it says in the name; which is to effectively manage access to computer systems, networks, web servers, and a host of other systems. In doing so, they can protect your network from hackers and limit access within your organization; making access control cabling something you should definitely inquire about with your cable installation professionals.

Access controls are security features that protect your system by blocking the ability of an outside user or system to interact with yours. In other words, access controls protect your system from unauthorized access; a vital protection element for any network system. Even valid users of your system may have different levels of clearance or authorization, and here access controls can help  as well by determining the  level of authorization an authorized user has.

How does access control work? Generally it starts where most computer interactions do, with the log-in process. During the log-in process a user is of course identified, at which time it is determined if he or she is a valid user. While a password would generally be the source of identification, more advanced systems my scan fingerprints, voices, or even eyes to determine the validity of a would-be user. Smart Cards, which rely on an access number as well as additional log-in information, are another popular and effective access control option.

Those in charge of a company’s network can implement additional restrictions should they want to; such as limiting user access during certain times of day or limiting use to the computer in one’s own office or cubicle. In doing so companies can further protect the valuable information (i.e. customer databases, etc.) housed in their systems.

The sensitive information on your network deserves the utmost insecurity measures for its protection. Secure your network from hackers and control use from within your company by implementing the proper access controls.

Consult today with your computer cabling and systems wiring provider regarding the implementation of access controls on your system.

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