Relocating Your Business Phone System

Relocating Your Business Phone System

Moving your business phone system in Phoenix, AZ requires a licensed cabling contractor to reduce risk of downtime, data loss

As a leader in the design and installation of voice, video, and data cabling solutions for businesses of all sizes, Phoenix-based San Tan Communications realizes the importance of an effective business telecommunications network to the overall success of your business.  In addition to offering design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing and repair of turn-key phone system networks with integrated voice mail, the telecommunication wiring experts at San Tan also offer help for businesses on the verge of relocating. So what qualities should you look for in finding a telecommunications company to help you relocate your network?

Need Assessment – A qualified telecommunications company should assess your current system to ensure that it will work in your new location.

System Replacement – Should your present system be deemed inadequate for your new location, is the company you’re working with able to offer an effective solution?  The answer should, of course, be yes.

Telecommunications Analysis – Your company should be able to provide vendor recommendations that will allow for cost savings and better service.

Complete Cost Analysis – Providing a thorough cost analysis allows for the possibility of providing one cost for all communication equipment moves, audio-video systems, access control systems, CCTV systems, and telecommunication service costs.

Project Management – This is a crucial element in facilitating communication with staff members and telecommunications service vendors.

Network Analysis – This helps to ensure the most cost effective telecommunications services for both voice and data.

Implementation of Services – Allows for the testing of the complete system, network, and telecommunication service.

Relocating your business can be an all-consuming proposition, and you don’t want the quality of your operations to suffer during the transition. Make certain that the telecommunications company you choose to facilitate your transition is up to the task, and that they offers all of the services listed above. Don’t settle for less.

Whether or not your telecommunications needs are relocation r elated, San Tan Communications reminds you of the importance of finding a telecommunications company committed, like San Tan, to reliability, response time and customer satisfaction. Large or small, it’s important that the job is done right; because without a functioning business phone system your business isn’t truly a business at all.

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