The Best Reasons to Invest in a Business Security System

Security camera outside a Phoenix-area business for crime prevention

A recent study has ranked Arizona’s economy among the best in the U.S. This is great news for local businesses hoping to expand in the next few years. It also means that this is the perfect time to invest in security systems to help protect your company’s assets.

Video doesn’t lie: security cameras alone are attributed with saving companies thousands of dollars every year – and there’s no telling how many disasters were averted altogether due to properly installed access control systems, security lighting and other preventative tools. These security systems deliver very real benefits for Phoenix-area businesses and should be carefully considered as part of your company’s plan for growth.

Employee Safety

The safety of your employees is the most important reason to invest in a security system. Surveillance cameras protect your team in the event of a negative customer interaction. This is especially important if law enforcement gets involved so you have proof that your employees acted appropriately.

Proof of Theft

Your employees will always be your first line of defense against theft, but no one can be everywhere at once. Security cameras are the best way to give your team the backup they need and catch thieves in the act. You’ll see exactly what went missing and you can even share the video with law enforcement if needed.

Monitor Customer Traffic

Security cameras can actually be a powerful marketing tool. Watch to see where your customers go when they enter the door and navigate your business. This can help you decide where to put merchandise so it will capture the most attention and increase profits.

Track Inventory Movement

If you sell a physical product, it’s wise to keep an eye on your inventory to monitor what happens to it throughout the day. Cameras allow you to see when shelves are restocked and how quickly customers buy your merchandise.

Reduce Vandalism

Vandals are much less likely to damage property when they can see that the space is under surveillance. The presence of a security camera alone is usually enough to keep your property safe from the threat of illegal activity.

Fraud Prevention

It’s not uncommon to see stories like the one below, where a suspicious-looking fall is recorded on camera. It may not even be your own employees faking a claim; the man in the video below was a contractor with no long-term ties to the health of the company he defrauded. Without video evidence, it is exceedingly difficult to defend your business against similar cases of insurance fraud. A security camera could save your company’s reputation – and your finances.

Reduce Insurance Rates

Many insurance companies will give you lower rates for installing a security system. This could lead to thousands of dollars in savings for your company every year! Ask your insurance company about the benefits of security systems to learn more about their policies and requirements.

There is no doubt about it: security systems are a great way for Phoenix-area businesses to reduce liability and protect themselves long-term. Combine your security cameras with access control systems for even more protection. This is a big step toward securing private information and reducing your company’s liability in the event of an extraordinary event.

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